Wubu Foundation for Deaf Children Development International

Motto: “We are Deaf, But Not Dumb”

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Wubu Stevens Hendricks is the brains behind this foundation.  She came up with the idea to establish The Wubu Foundation for Deaf Children Development International in Liberia and Ghana.  Despite her being hearing impaired, Wubu has a BA in Accounting and a MA in Deaf Education.
It was the dream of Wubu’s parents the late Dr. Flumo Y. Stevens and Mrs. Olina Bailey Stevens to open a total communication (Oral and Sign Language) Deaf school in Liberia, but it did not materialize.   Her mother was dreaming about opening a resource center for the deaf in Liberia when her daughter Wubu surprised her by informing her that she was establishing a foundation for Deaf children in Liberia and Ghana.
Dr. Flumo and Olina have three children, and all three are hearing impaired.  Even though they were blessed to be in the United States where their deaf children were educated, they never forgot about the deaf children in Liberia.  Wubu, AbdullahTani Konateh and Olina are very passionate about this foundation and have been working tirelessly to make it successful in Liberia and Ghana. To God be the glory.

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