Wubu Foundation for Deaf Children Development International

Motto: “We are Deaf, But Not Dumb”

Liberia Office:

+231(0)880-714-569 / 770-405-749

Ghana Office:

+233-261-235043 /+ 233-302-233726


Wubu Stevens-Hendricks BA MA Chairman of the Board
Wubu Stevens-Hendricks
Chairlady of the Board
Tani Abdullah Konateh AA Co-Chairmanof the Board
Tani Abdullah Konateh
Co-Chairman of the Board
Olina Bailey- Stevens CEO BA (Accounting),MA (Administration), Teacher's Certification Secondary Mathematics
Olina Bailey- Stevens 
Member of the Board
Rev, Dr.Emmanuel Bailey BA MA PHD Memberof the Board
Rev, Dr. Emmanuel Bailey
Member of the Board
Dr, Elizabeth Harris BSC ED Member of the Board
Dr. Elizabeth Harris
Member of the Board
Clr. Sam Mohammed Kromah JD Board Member
Cllr. Sam Mohammed Kromah
Member of the Board
Elsa Bailey-Draper BA, Registered Nurse
Elsa Bailey-Draper
Member of the Board
We are reaching down and lifting those children up. Your DONATION will be a blessing to them.